When it comes to comfortable bottom wear, then leggings and jeans are the most commonly sought out options. They both show your legs off with the added benefit of you not having to show unnecessary skin, which is lovely especially with the season we are currently in. Leggings and skinny jeans have some similarities, but they are not the same thing, and each one has pros as well as cons that work for and against it.

This article aims to show you those pros as well as cons of each, while also outlining the differences that make them both unique in their own way.


With leggings, we are looking at an article of clothing that forms the bridge between pants, and tights. They are not quite pants, in the sense that they are thinner than pants, but they are not tights either because they are thicker than actual tights. Of course, there are arguments that leggings are pants, but that is not what we are looking at today.

Leggings are usually made using cotton or a blend of spandex and polyester and are designed to be non-transparent. However, if you select a size that is too small for your dimensions, then it may stretch too much and then become slightly translucent.

    Quality leggings are thick enough to be non-transparent while still hugging your body to perfection and showing off your curves adequately.

    Leggings are available in a wide variety of styles and patterns, just like these amaznig sailor moon leggings and tights , and allow you indulge your love of cartoon characters, space patterns and so on. Dark colored tights, however, give one a more formal look.


    They are the most flexible bottom wear clothes that we have in the fashion scene these days. They are so versatile and you can wear them beneath a dress, a good, long shirt and a wide variety of options as well.

    They are available in so many colors and patterns, that basically everyone's tastes are accommodated and satisfied. Not very many clothes can give you the freedom to express your own personality like leggings can.




When you wear leggings, you usually need to wear longer tops and upper body clothing. If you intend to appropriately wear leggings, they need to be worn with long shirts or big sweaters and the likes. For yoga, however, they can be paired with tank tops or sports tops.


Skinny jeans, like leggings, are not a new invention. They can be traced as far back as the 1950s and began as slim fitted jeans before becoming the skin tight beauties they are these days.

Skinny jeans qualify as pants and have buttons and a zipper just like normal jeans. They are made from stretchable denim and hug your ankles while stretching enough to hug your body and accentuate your curves, even though it is still denim so is not as light or soft as leggings.


They are just pants that are tight and don't necessarily need to be worn with long upper body clothes.

When it comes to warmth, skinny jeans are usually warmer than leggings.  


In size, they are usually bulkier than leggings.

If you are a huge fan of boots, you might prefer tucking your leggings into your boots to tucking your skinny jeans.



1.) While skinny jeans can be worn to most outings, when it comes to wearing formal attire, you should endeavor not to wear skinny jeans.

2.) When at the gym, you should not wear skinny jeans because you might just end up with chaffed thighs.

3.) Dancers do not usually wear skinny jeans, and even if it looks like they are, it is more likely to be leggings that have been styled to look like jeans.

4.) Leggings are more versatile and you can find leggings that look like skinny jeans but fit just like leggings do.

5.) When it comes to the formal scene, whether or not leggings are formal enough, depends on what you wear with them. A long t-shirt with your leggings is casual while a classy shirt paired with a blazer can be used for more formal outings.


After selecting a top and bottom wear, the best way to complete your look and not invalidate your top and bottom efforts is to finish off with a good and proper pair of shoes. Some people find this part slightly challenging.

Below are some tips that generally go well with body tight bottom wear.


    1.) BOOTS

    These are a perfect way to finish off your dressing with skinny jeans or leggings, especially when the weather is chilly. It doesn't matter how long they are, ankle, knee or thigh lengths are very fine. Furthermore, with the right pair of boots, you draw more attention to your legs, which is basically the point right?

    2.) PUMPS

    In my opinion, nothing goes better with pumps or stilettos than skinny jeans or leggings.

    3.) FLATS

    Not all women feel comfortable in heels. If you fall into that category, your leggings or skinny jeans totally understand and accommodate your flat preferences as well.

    Ballet flats, strappy sandals or even flip-flops go very well with your leggings and skinny jeans.

    Some people think the only people who can pull off leggings are women with solid calves and tight backsides.

    That is untrue. Once you are able to select your size and wear them with an appropriate top and pair of shoes, you'll pull off the look just as well as anyone else.


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